The Doomsday Kingdom – “The Doomsday Kingdom”

The Doomsday Kingdom – “The Doomsday Kingdom” (Nuclear Blast)

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The earlier EP hinted at it, and now this full blown release confirms it in no small measure – Leif Edling’s genius is still very much alive and kicking. Formulated while recovering from chronic fatigue illness’, The Doomsday Kingdom is Edling’s next project and rooted in doom along the lines of his famed band Candlemass, but now also incorporating a fair degree of heavy metal, giving the material a more up beat tempo, along with some trippy psych elements. Joining the famed bassist are Wolf singer Niklas Stålvind, guitarist Marcus Jidell (Avatarium, Soen, ex-Evergrey) and drummer Andreas ‘Habo’ Johansson (Narnia), whose collective talent more than shines in bringing these extra elements to the fore in fine style. Captured vividly on tracks like the raw chugging ‘Hand in Hell’, it’s made all the more impressive with by the trippy soulful passage rolling smoothly into epicus doominicus riffing – awesome! ‘The Silence’ is anything but that, opening with massive doom riffing before ‘Habo’s drums come hammering in and the doom reverb just smoulders before an another psychedelic passage trips you out, interchanging effortlessly for the rest of the song with a heavier epic style – excellent!! Stålvind is an absolute gem, able to handle all the highs while being soulful throughout, and considering he’s not in the slightest bit operatic pulls it off superbly especially on the hallowed be thy doom of ‘The Sceptre’, which could be a Candlemass staple. Along with Marcus Jidell’s guitar which shines throughout the 8 tracks making up this tres excellente release, The Doomsday Kingdom go a long way into introducing other styles into doom without detracting from its classic originality. Highly recommended!

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