The Drip – “The Haunting Fear of Inevitability”

The Drip – “The Haunting Fear of Inevitability” (Relapse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Don’t be fooled by their insipid name, once this lot get going, it’s like a flood of grindcore unleashing the extreme! Formed 10 years ago from other WA bands like Mortal Remains to fill the gap of grind, The Drip take their influence right from the stench of Nasum, Insect Warfare and of course, early Napalm Death. Still, that’s not to say that they’re confined to that genre, and on this impressive long awaited debut, they intelligently blend in hardcore, noise and even some old school death metal elements into 13 well crafted and catchy tracks that are certainly intense, but equally have enough hooks and arrangements to grant accessibility. With 3 EPs already under their belts for Relapse, they’ve got a ton of live experience behind them touring with the likes of Pig Destroyer, Poison Idea, Magrudergrind, Black Breath, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Power Trip in addition to appearing at numerous festivals including Denver Black Sky, Crucial Fest and Southwest Terror Fest. It’s no doubt made the difference here, from Brandon Caldwell’s versatile vocals taking on the full range from sicko bile to raw screamo and hoarse guttural, skillfully backed by the dirty, shredding guitars of Bobby Mansfield and Blake Wolf throwing vicious riffs into the grind cement mixer but equally catchy licks and black melodies – not to mention some Rick Rozz like neo classical soloing on the closer of the ‘Bone Chapel’ – excellent! Propelled by the intense, rapid fire drum work of Shane Brown and Talon Yager’s huge bass sound, The Drip show their measure throughout a variety of tempos from the hardcore as f–k ‘Covered In Blood’ to the utter wreckage of the deathly ‘Painted Ram’, melding Brown’s driving blastbeats with some dark, melancholic guitar pieces that fit in perfect contrast. An absolute stunner of a debut.

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