The Dropper’s Neck – “Nineteen | Sixteen”


The Dropper’s Neck – “Nineteen | Sixteen” EP (

Already hot off an EP and last year’s acclaimed debut “Second Coming” that was produced by Paul Tipler (Placebo & Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster), this Essex crew continue to impress with their cool blend of Dead Kennedy’s era punk rock tinged with Velvet Underground experimental rock and backed with a heavy Queens Of The Stone Age bottom end! With the vocals alternating between Jello Biafra vibrato to screamo, the twin guitars are equally diverse, melding rock n roll licks with punk melodies and some heavy as shit slide riffing, all backed of course by a destructive rhythm to boot. Despite the grim body strewn cover and warring song titles like ‘Line Me Up For The Firing Squad’, ‘Somme’ and ‘Monster’ there is actually a very upbeat and positive energy to the material which is highly catchy especially in those ultra power riffs. Furthermore, despite their obvious influences (which the band make no attempt to mask) the complex song arrangements allow that diversity to actually be melded into a sound that The Dropper’s Neck could call their own so kudos for that, especially for a band so young. Now on a national level, this lot have a reputation for trashing venues up and down the country as they continue to build their fan base by hitting the road with several UK tours this year, so prepare for some serious DIY punk chaos!!!!

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