The Dropper’s Neck – “Second Coming”

The Dropper’s Neck – “Second Coming” (

This Essex crew take their name from a Velvet Underground song (Heroin – Ed) which isn’t too far off their style although I’d say they’re also heavily influenced by the Dead Kennedy’s and The Cramps. Heaps of raw strummed bass, dirty nihilistic punk riffs and goth baritone rock n roll vocals produce a wild, loud, dark noise fitting to accompany any executioner’s day! Formed only a coupla years back, these boys soon got bored of doing Queens of the Stone Age covers and resurrected a classic sound, amping it up in their own style to produce psycho songs like ‘Sir Sibilance’, ‘Three Little Pigs’ and ‘I Am The Law’, all of which are laced with a classic English grimness that has seen their live shows enrage baying mobs from London’s East End to the Tilbury docks. Do not miss this one!

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