THE ETERNAL ”Waiting for the Endless Dawn”

”Waiting for the Endless Dawn”
(Inverse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

THE ETERNAL is with this album on their 6th. I on the other hand am on my first THE ETERNAL album. Hailing from Melbourne formed in 2003 and released their debut in 2004. This is the first album since 2013’s “When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade”. Musically this is gothic metal. Filled with all sorts of emotions the music they play is a beauty. They paint such a melancholic landscape that I am totally flabbergasted. And a bit upset because I haven’t discovered them earlier. This is my kinda emotional metal. With a playing time of 74 minutes and with an opening song that is over 19 minutes long you know that this is an album that takes its time. But that is not a problem. You want to spend that kinda time with this. And once it is over you wish that it could have kept going on forever. So bloody beautiful. Anders Ekdahl

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