“Second World”
(Cyclone Empire)
Italian doom/goth metal isn’t the most frequent participant to my increasing collection but I’m no stranger to checking it out if it is any good. The Foreshadowing at least have a cool band name. Hopefully the music will match it. I guess with the success of Katatonia more and more labels see a market for this kind of melancholic metal. As somebody who gets fuelled by melancholy I’m not one to argue against it. This is some pretty moody and atmospheric metal the way I like it. This is not for those of you that are manic depressive or slightly suicidal, unless you use it therapeutically, as a way to get out of your misery. I love this kinda doomy and gloomy stuff so much that I can spin music like this for hours and just rejoice in feeling sad and lonely. Now leave me alone with this masterful disc. Anders Ekdahl

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