THE FORSAKEN “Beyond Redemption”

“Beyond Redemption”
In my job as a bus driver I visit The Forsaken’s home town of Landskrona at least once a week. And a duller place you have to look hard for. Come evening and you’ll find few people out and about. But if everybody is in hiding writing and recording music like this then we’re about to see an explosion of metal to erupt. This is the first new album since 2003but they still sound the way I remember them from their last album. This is death/thrash the way it was done by At The Gates and in extension all those bands that came up in the wake of that last album. The Forsaken came onto the scene together with bands like Soilwork, Darkane, The Defaced and some more and while few has survived some have carried the torch high. Maybe 2012 is the year for The Forsaken to rise again. They have the album for it to happen. Anders Ekdahl

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