THE GARDENERZ “The System Of Nature”

“The System Of Nature”
You can always argue who was first. Was it Black Sabbath, Pentagram or any other band that defined what is now classic doom metal? In doing so you can not overlook the impact Candlemass’ debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” had on what is now considered archetypal doom metal. Without that album we would not have seen so many great doom metal bands surface. Sweden’s The Gardenerz are doom metal a whole different way. They take more from the My Dying Bride school of doom. This is harsh, bleak and pitch black. This is stuff to enjoy the end of the world to. I’ve always liked the doom’n’gloom of My Dying Bride. Everything that even resembles MDB gets my undivided interest. And this is up there right at the top of great stuff. This is death’n’doom’n’gloom and everything in between that you can think of. Anders Ekdahl

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