The German Panzer – “Send Them All To Hell”


The German Panzer – “Send Them All To Hell” (Nuclear Blast Records)

“No left – no right! Just straight forward like a Panzer!” Well, it doesn’t get any more in your face than that – this is the Teutonic terror trio that everyone is currently talking about all over Europe – a super group made up of Destruction’s hulking vocalist / bassist Schmier, along with Accept veterans Herman Frank on shredding guitars and hammering drummer (of the oversize bass bins) Stefan Schwarzmann! And if u think that old guys can’t rock – think again – cos I cannot believe the sheer energy being generated by this power trio who literally are going to war on this aptly titled debut. An OTT cross between elements of Accept and Destruction, songs like ‘Temple Of Doom’, ‘Hail And Kill’ and ‘Mr Nobrain’ nevertheless stay firmly in the heavy metal camp despite being as ferocious as they are. Think of a supercharged version of ‘Fast As A Shark’ meeting elements of the contemporary thrash of ‘Eternal Devastation’ and you’ve got a pretty good handle of this fearsome puppy – from Herman Frank’s massive engine beast riffs graced by Teutonic melodies to Schwarzmann’s relentless double bass drumming piston stamping it all over like an out of control wrecking machine! Completing the barrage come Schmier’s high wired vocals, mixed with hoarse shout outs and occasional screams that really convey the blitzkrieg atmosphere of this album. Yet, it’s also left to him to set things straight regarding his lyrics that are anti war, rather than in homage to it despite the band being named after one of the most iconic objects of modern warfare. With a massive mix adding the finishing touch to this blistering album, this trio push so hard on the 10 tracks that you almost wonder if the walls are gonna come crashing down around you. Panzer Marsh!!!

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