THE GRAND ASTORIA ”Punkadelica Supreme”

”Punkadelica Supreme”

Battle Helm Rating

I have no idea where this one fits in the discography of THE GRAND ASTORIA or how it fits. All I really care about is that I got the chance to hear this. if you are familiar with THE GRAND ASTORIA you will know that you can basically expect almost anything from this lot. As long as it is somewhat in the stoner region. What I like about this band is that no matter how flipped out it might seem to begin with they always manage to tie it all together in the end. This recording is no different from any other THE GRAND ASTORIA recording I have heard in that it does feel like a jam. If you have issues with music that doesn’t go from A to B you are well advised to stay clear of this. If you on the other hand don’t mind a bit of indulgence to get to the end you. like me should explore the rich fauna that is the THE GRAND ASTORIA discography. Anders Ekdahl

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