Battle Helm Rating

This is a split between THE GRAND ASTORIA and US CHRISTMAS. Again I have no idea how this fits in the discography and I don’t really care either. This does appear to be a bit more somber and controlled than other stuff I have heard by the band. but it also goers to show the many sides of this amazing band. The band does one track on this split but the track is a 19 minutes piece. I honestly don’t know where the band comes from musically or even where they are going but as long as they knock out songs like this doomy psychedelic influenced one I don’t care too much. I don’t know why I came to think of Cathedral when I listened to this but hey, one great band leads the mind to another great band. US CHRISTMAS might have a strange name and are usually to be found on the Neurot roster but that is nothing I hold against them. Quite on the contrary actually. I love the band Swans. This in some way made me think back to that band and that sonic excellence that band produced. Musically this is some sort of psychedelic doom rock. Judging from these two live tracks they do a fine job at it too. I might have been totally oblivious to the existence of US CHRISTMAS prior to this but now I gotta track down more stuff from them. Anders Ekdahl

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