The Graviators – “Evil Deeds”

The Graviators – “Evil Deeds” (Napalm Records)

Wow, straight outta Ozzy’s cauldron of brewing bats comes The Graviators from the forests of Sweden! This lot mix it straight from the 70s in their stoner rock with fuzz toned riffs, wailing Iommi-esque solos and most of all, their high vocals reminding me of a youthful Osborne or even Bobby Liebling of Pentagram on songs like ‘Soulstealer’, ‘Morning Star’ and ‘The Infidel’. However, it’s not all doom n gloom – far from it as despite the title, there’s nothing remotely black or doom like in The Graviators. Quite the opposite in fact with plenty of vibrant energy and uplifting grooves so it’s like they listened to Sabbath, took the down tuned riffs but gave the finger to Satan and opted to work with children and old people in their day jobs. Well, they’re Swedish aren’t they….

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