The Graviators – “Motherload”


The Graviators – “Motherload” (Napalm Records)

Hail to gravity, the most powerful force in the universe! With their homage to the mighty G, Sweden’s The Graviators unleash their heaviest opus to date, threatening to send all into a 70s stoner / doom black hole for eternity!! Niklas Sjöberg gives the might O(zzy) a serious run for his money in the vocal dept although the mood of songs like the Viking-esque ‘Leif’s Least Breath – Dance Of The Valkyrie’, the trippy ‘Bed of Bitches’ and the epic 13 minute closer ‘Druid’s Ritual’ also takes inspiration from the likes of Hawkwind especially in the psychedelic passages and intros. Elsewhere, like on the politically charged ‘Narrow Minded Bastards’ the sound is a lot cleaner (and saner) lending itself to a cool, rollin’ groove sorta heading in the commercial style of Monster Magnet or Trouble during their “Plastic Green Head” era. For the main though, its trademark stoner / doom with Tony Iommi style heavy down tuned guitars using massive chord vibrato before some wild, far out soloing comes into play amidst the fuzzy bass and heavy hitting drums. Since their formation in 2009, The Graviators have come a long way and with this all important 3rd album bringing the mutha load to the masses they are undoubtedly looking to be serious contenders in the kaftan league – so can you dig it maan?

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