THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL “Separate & Coalesce”

“Separate And Coalesce”
This had an intro that made me think Carcass round “Necroticism…”. But that is the only similarity to be found. This is nowhere near the death metal that Carcass played on that album. This is hardcore the brutal way. This is the kind of hardcore that I like. The kind of HC that doesn’t beat around the bush. Instead it hits you on the head when it moshes its way through the crowd that is the HC scene. You get the break beats that slows things down before it picks up the pace again. I’m not usually down with that but somehow it works for me this time around. This is brutal enough to attract those of you who like your music hard and don’t care too much if it is metal or hardcore. I’m not gonna say that this is like Pantera had they gone hardcore. This is heavy though. And I like it heavy. Anders Ekdahl

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