THE HORDE “Thy Blackened Reign”

“Thy Blackened Reign”
At times I have already painted a picture of what a band will sound like even before I’ve heard a single note of music. The Horde to me should sound like Skullview or Doomsword. Big bombastic heavy metal with all the classic attributes. And in parts I wasn’t too far off. This is big and bombastic but it is more thrash than heavy metal. Good enough for me. I don’t know if it is old age but lately I’ve re-evaluated my stance on mid-tempo metal to being for it instead of against it. Which is why I have no problems with The Horde’s metal not always being super fast. I can appreciate the groove a slower tempo brings with it. The more I’ll spin this disc the more I’ll get into the groove. Cool! Anders Ekdahl

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