THE HYSTERIA “Trojan Horse”

”Trojan Horse”
THE HYSTERIA sounds like the title of a great Giallo movie. A really great Italian slasher flick. THE HYSTERIA doesn’t sound that great a band when you just look at the name. But that could be me remembering a band from my hometown that had a similar name but didn’t impress me too much. When the music becomes too off the beaten track I kinda lose interest in it. THE HYSTERIA make Mr Bungle seem relatively sane. This is metal that is all over the place. If you like your metal to be a challenge and hold The Dillinger Escape Plan in highest regard you might find some joy in listening to this. Me, I need to find some simple death metal to recalibrate my brain. This was one hell of an exhausting journey into tech metal land. A land that I’ll gladly revisit once I got my head sorted. Anders Ekdahl

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