The Idol Dead – “Dark Little Hearts”


The Idol Dead – “Dark Little Hearts” (RAAA! Records‎)

Rock n roll, punk with soul! Utterly kick ass, The Idol Dead must’ve met the devil on their first trip to hell, who sent them back armed with a fistful of riffs so catchy they musta burned his fingers – along with a hellfire spirit that makes these guys play like demons themselves! Wild, wild fireball solos, hard street stomping rhythms, rock drenched vocals and bar brawling drum work herald one of the best albums this year – unbelievably catchy, I can’t even bring myself to do comparisons because they are simply irrelevant when it comes to the reverence of The Idol Dead, whose amazing music says it all on songs like ‘Vampire’, ‘Bad Fiction’ and the simply ripping ‘Blue Skies’. Add in the too tempting even for heaven melodies and choruses that The Ramones must’ve sent from punk nirvana and “Dark Little Hearts” lives up to its name in every sense – completely irresistible – if you are not off your ass rocking by the 3rd number that’s probably cos you’ve got no legs!

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