THE IN & OUTS “Zero Gravity”

”Zero Gravity”
When I think of Canadian hardrock/rock I think of Loverboy and Brian Adams. Perhaps not the most hippest of them all but there is something about Canadian rock that doesn’t scream rebellion. Just like it is hard to imagine an angry Norwegian it is hard to imagine a powerful Canadian hardrock/rock band. Sure there has been angry metal bands like Razor or Slaughter. But those have operated more in the periphery. When I think of The Ins And Outs I think of Swedish bands like The Hives and perhaps The Hellacopters or White Stripes. Bands that operates in the periphery between hardrock, rock and punk. Bands that have a huge crossover potential. Yet there is something to this Canadian band that makes them different. I’m not at this point in time, where I’m getting to know them, sure if it is a good different. But the more I get to know them I start to like their sound more and more. Give us some time and we might become buddies. Anders Ekdahl

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