THE KARMA HEART “Throw Your Light”

“Throw Your Light”
I’ve stated it before. I like Foo Fighters. There is something invigorating about Dave Grohl’s band that appeals to me. So whenever somebody claims to be influenced/inspired by Foo fighters I take extra notice of it. The Karma Heart is just that band. Claiming to be like a female fronted Foo Fighters or a British Paramore might be big words if you can’t live up to them. I can understand the Paramore and Foo Fighters references but luckily there’s more to The Karma Heart than just being a mirrored version of those bands. There’s a heavier edge to The Karma Heart that makes me think of bands like early Soundgarden without the grunge or a bluesier Hammerbox. This one grew on me to the point where it felt like I’d known it forever. Anders Ekdahl

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