The Last Shot Of War – “Piece Of Hate”

The Last Shot Of War – “Piece Of Hate” (

Ravaged by two world wars, Belgium is a country that has seen its fair share of aggression. If that wasn’t enough, then The Last Shot Of War hail from the near mythical city of Mons, where legend has it that the ghosts of English longbow men came to rescue the British Army from the numerically superior Germans! Playing ugly beatdown deathcore, TLSOW’s style is befitting to their heritage: barrel bottom roars; dirty heavy guitars; pig fart bass and booming drums launch artillery salvos like ‘Beyond The Nightmare Of’ and ‘Bill To The Death’. It may not be fast but it’s like a panzer crushing you slowly under its treads. If that wasn’t enough then they launch their Götterdämmerung of ‘New Unhealthy Order’ which also features heavy dub on top of everything else! Guaranteed to wreck any peace process, this is one of these bands that sound and mean what they say: total annihilation.

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