The Lumberjack Feedback – “Noise In The Church”


The Lumberjack Feedback – “Noise In The Church” EP (Kaotoxin Records)

Recorded live in a deconsecrated church, this EP is aptly titled coming from this French doom / post hardcore band that are different in just about every way! Featuring no vocalist but instead two drummers, The Lumberjack Feedback decided to record live two 8 minute tracks, along with a 16 minute song resurrected from their 2009 demo as an offering to their fans in between their full length debut scheduled for release next year. One can only imagine what that will sound like if the epic and enthralling nature of this 3 track EP is anything to go by! Chiming metallic melodies echoing along with post hardcore licks and feedback form the intense core of ‘Salvation’, ‘The Dreamcatcher’ and the monstrous ‘ Mein Gebusch hat Hûnger’, all lacquered by a super thick carpet of doom / noise driven by yes – two heavy as shit drummers in Oliv t’Servrancx and Nicolas Tarridec. Definitely not some drug rippling deconstructed noise band nor one clouded in experimental hippy haze, The Lumberjack Feedback have jammed out some serious compositions here, tightly arranged stylishly to draw in the listener for a truly embracing experience mixing beauty with brutality. Now available as a FREE digital EP, “Noise In The Church” is an excellent introduction to wet the appetite for more whether on the studio or live front from this promising band!

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