The Magik Way – “Materia Occulta (1997-1999)”

The Magik Way – “Materia Occulta (1997-1999)” (Sad Sun Music)

The dead have risen! After 14 years of silence, the material of obscure Italian ritualist occult metal band The Magik Way has finally been given light largely thanks to the unfading interest of Marco Cavallini of Sad Sun Music. Best remembered as a crucial demo in 1997, unknown to Cavallini were further recorded pieces totaling 17 tracks that now form this definitive collection. More than a band, The Magik Way were more like a cabal linked to the esoteric and practicing magic, but also philosophy, art, psychology and even science. As such, their music is equally experimental, reflecting their evolution from the raw black metal of ‘La Conoscenza’ to the gothic opera of ‘Le Prigioni di Corda’ to the dark ambiance of ‘Il Tempo si è Fermato’. There’s certainly plenty of variety here, all of which is executed well musically, but moreover a real element of spirituality amidst the wails and wild chants indicating their abstract music is constructed with ritual not just in mind, but as its primary purpose.

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