Battle Helm Rating

You can always argue if we as humans are not slaves under one thing or another. That we in actuality do not own our own lives. We are just puppets in a great marionette theatre. And no matter how much we try to fight our way out of it we are still only allowed as much freedom as our keepers allow us. But they cannot take away our minds. And that is where music comes in. Through music you can experience freedom. The freedom to travel wherever you like. THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY is an Italian death metal/deathcore act that I think I have come in contact with previously and not only from reading about them. When I listen to this I get a death metal version feel of early Fear Factory. There is that dystopic feel the music that Fear Factory had (and still have). This is heavy and with that doomsday feel looming above it. Throw in some Morbid Angel and other death metal influences and you get a pretty cool album to listen to. Anders Ekdahl

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