The Omega Experiment – “The Omega Experiment”

The Omega Experiment – “The Omega Experiment” (Listenable Records)

Positive prog melody to the max! Formed by the cousin duo of Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge, The Omega Experiment’s inspiration comes from Dan’s movement from a 10 year addiction to a positive future. Well, you couldn’t ask for anything brighter really – every sound on this album is so uplifting you could honestly nominate this for a Nobel Peace Prize lol! Even more impressive is that this is a totally DIY affair, recorded in Dan’s bedroom with him also playing most of the instruments!! But what blows me away is the amazing gargantuan sound they have achieved – it’s enough to fill an arena – complete with crystalline production (again, learnt thru trial & error) that shows their foresight in wanting to project as a live act despite being currently limited in doing so: no wonder Devin Townsend has been publicly praising these two! With inspirations coming from Van Halen’s guitar work, Styx’s harmonies, Pink Floyd’s classic prog, Dream Theatre and more modern sounds like Djent, there isn’t a uniform sound to The Omega Experiment but rather elements plucked and then layered to suit the dynamic of each song from the keyboard rippling harmony vocals of ‘Stimulus’ to the Devin Djent of ‘Furor’ to the deep prog melody of ‘Terminus’. The positivity of this humble debut cannot be denied – so much so that bands should quake in the wake of this dynamic duo!

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