The One Hundred – “Subculture”


The One Hundred – “Subculture” EP (UNFD)

‘Some things just don’t mix…like oil and water’. Going beyond music and into a socially conscious statement that would make Men Of Honor’s Mr Pappy turn in his grave, London’s East End crew The One Hundred bring together a number of genres riotously fused together into musical gelignite – no wonder labels here won’t touch them for fear of the old bill knocking but they were a scoop for Aussie label UNFD. Mixing club / dance beats with mellow core and rap grime style along the lines of Dizzee Rascal, The One Hundred reflect the talent and incendiary anger of today’s street revolutionaries who may live in a city of light, but are locked out in downcast darkness. Unbowed, these four have come out fighting from the hood, having notched up an impressive 200+ radio plays and conquered Redfest, Alt-Fest, Hevy, Merthyr Rocks and Sonisphere – twice! On tour this winter with that other anarcho crew Hacktivist, songs like ‘Unleashed’, ‘Tale Of Two Cities’ and ‘Downfall’ bring together the rapid fire rap core vocals of Jacob Field who also brings in a rich selection of cool electro dance beats that feature prominently in the band’s alternating mellow core graced by plenty of guitar melodies as well as soulful vocal harmonies. When it all goes mental everything turns on you like a prison riot from heavy dub to aggro metal vocals and a hard stomping rhythm that leaves you reeling from a steaming gang. Needless to say the lyrics reflect the tales of the hard side yet they are also inspirational, offering hope and dare I say it, a reality perspective that today’s politicians and professed urban elite would be mentally challenged to grasp. An excellent debut from a band that not only seeks to be inclusive but does so commendably on many levels. Theirs is the sound of the melting pot and you ignore them at your peril.

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