The Other – “The Devils You Know”

The Other – “The Devils You Know” (Steamhammer / SPV)

LOL, what’s in a name? Well, considering The Other started off as a Misfits cover band (complete with a bassist called Andy Only) then one might consider them indeed the ‘other’ Misfits especially if Jerry Only has a say in it! Essentially playing horror punk-a-rola, these Germans are huge in Europe especially among the goth and punk crowds, which is sorta understanding given that Halloween as an event has only arrived there in the last decade! Saying that, when I listen to the likes of ‘In My Veins’, ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ and ‘My Home Is My Casket’, is how incredibly mellow and clean the sound is – even vocalist Rod Usher is actually singing so soulfully I haveta wonder if they’re really running after the commercial cash casket on this one. Nevertheless, “The Devils You Know” is still fulla fun, sing-a-long numbers that will have you in cheers, along with your mom and dog…..

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