THE PROPHECY “Salvation”

This English band deserves to be better known. If you like doom metal in the style of Candlemass and tinged with a bit of My Dying Bride you’ll love this band. I’ve been following them from the very first album up till now and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of this band’s repertoire. There is almost something sacral to this kind of doom metal. That the album is called “Salvation” seems appropriate given the atmosphere that surrounds this album. It’s almost as if the band want to warn us about the oncoming Armageddon and say that we need to make good with our maker before it is too late. I like that feeling in my doom metal. I want my doom metal to be balancing on the verge of the abyss. This is end of the world music that I want to be played when my time comes to leave this earth. Anders Ekdahl

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