Psycho was one of the first horror movies I watched. It took me a long time to actually understand it for what it is and not just focus on Norman Bates’ mother issues. Hopefully I’ll get THE PSYCHO SEASON quicker. The first thing that hit me was that there is a punky kind of vibe to this. I’m not even gonna say that this reminds me of The Rasmus or Volbeat because this is so much more aggressive than these bands will ever be. You could say that this is a more punked up version of latter day of Metallica circa the Load era. But that is just part of the truth. This isn’t the stuff I usually listen to but when it does land on my front porch I give it a chance. And to tell you the truth I like it. There’s guitar solos in it. What is there to not like about it. Anders Ekdahl

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