The Resistance – “Rise From Treason”

The Resistance – “Rise From Treason” EP (earMusic)

Formed by no less than Jesper Stromblad of In Flames fame, together with former In Flames guitarist Glenn Ljungström, ex The Haunted vocalist Marco Aro and ex Grave drummer Chris Barkensjo, The Resistance combines the best of Sweden’s melodic, thrash and death talent into one volatile package! Harsh dirty guitars mixed in with flowing melodies, aggro core vocals and chopping drum work typically define the short, sharp shock of songs like ‘My Fire’, ‘Face To Face’ and ‘Slugger’ which have anger tattooed head to foot over ’em – not surprising given the personal backgrounds of some of the guys, although none of them seem to have lost their great legacies given their performances here. With a full blown album due this May, this EP will make that one of the most anticipated releases of the year already and we’re not even a month into 2013!

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