The Rocket Dolls – “Eyes”


The Rocket Dolls – “Eyes” (

Get set for blast off! Winners of the Best New Band 2010 PureRawk Awards, The Rocket Dolls are led by the aptly named Nikki Smash, whose 2 hospitalizations for E-Coli and subsequently pneumonia saw a brief hiatus before returning full force to record this indestructible album mixing musclebound metal riffola with the laid back touches of grunge and produced by Skindred’s Mikey Demus. Looking like they’ve all done a few rounds in the gym, this trio’s fighting spirit is reflected in spunky songs like ‘Can’t Keep Him Down’, ‘I Can’t Go Back’ and ‘Burning Up The Skies’. Taking the crunching riffs of Alice In Chains, Smash puts in his own soulful vocals before Tommy ‘s deep, twanging bass and Ben Knopfler’s smashing drum work give it a Helmet style rhythm putting some real punch to the 11 tracks herein. Over the top of it all come the vocal harmonies which take a leaf from Nirvana’s trippy groove, offering mild sedation before the old one two comes back in – make no mistake, The Rocket Dolls are not here mellow you out and kick back, but to fire one right up yer jacksie!

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