The Safety Fire – “Grind The Ocean”

The Safety Fire – “Grind The Ocean” (InsideOut Music)

These Londoners are a tight knit crew, having all grown up together and then starting up this bad – and they’d haveta be, given their complex, eclectic style incorporating a variety of modern styles from post hardcore to progressive to experimental metal. Although compared to ‘djent’ bands like Textures, I’m not entirely convinced they really do, and if they were it would be towards the mellower end of that spectrum. One thing is for certain, The Safety Fire have already made a name for themselves in the UK scene with the release of their critically acclaimed EP “Sections” in 2009 and their reputation as a powerfully energetic live band, so much so that they played at last year’s Sonisphere Festival. Musically, songs like ‘Anomolous Materials’, ‘Circassian Beauties’ and ‘Huge Hammers’ are diverse affairs with post hardcore vocals, neo prog riffs melded with squeaking guitars, off the wall jazz drumming, and all capped off by a liberal use of emo harmonies and melodies. What impresses about The Safety Fire isn’t so much their ability to jam in an array of styles but that they have striven as a band to keep their material into tight, digestible songs – and that is worth checking out.

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