THE SARCOPHAGUS “Beyond This World’s Illusion”

“Beyond This World’s Illusion”

Battle Helm Rating

As my brain is totally fucked up I don’t know what is real memories and what is dreams but somewhere back in my mind lingers a memory of having heard of this Turkish black metal combo even before I got sent this album. Not that it helps me much now as I listen to this album. Musically I would say that this takes a page or two or ten from the book of Dissection. Melodic black metal (as much as an oxymoron as it is) is the name of the game here. Nobody will ever match the mighty Dissection but it is nice hearing bands try, especially when the outcome is a good as this album is. I find myself enjoying this on all its own merits and forgetting about what it reminds me of. Anders Ekdahl

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