THE SILENT RAGE “The Deadliest Scourge”

“The Deadliest Scourge”

Battle Helm Rating

I have almost forgotten what power metal sounds like. That long has it been since I last came into contact with such an album. But THE SILENT RAGE are about to change that with their new record. I’ve reviewed a record of them before but that seems like ages ago and much water has passed under the bridge since then so this is like a new meeting. I am actually a huge friend of power metal but there was a point where it felt like I overdosed on it. Now I feel an urge for it again. You immediately hear if it is a power metal album on the beat. This is a pretty great album. You get the melodies, the special power metal tempo but you also get an attitude that sets this apart. THE SILENT RAGE have really worked hard to produce a great power metal album and they have succeeded. Anders Ekdahl

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