THE SILVERBACK “The Grand Turmoil”

“The Grand Turmoil”
(Sliptrick Records)
This is supposedly industrial metal in one form or another. To me industrial metal is stuff like Fear Factory and in some aspect Ministry and Marilyn Manson. This Italian lot are as industrial as I expected them to be. Owing a lot to the modern day sound of Slipknot-ish metal THE SILVERBACK groove their way through an industrial wasteland that leaves nobody unscattered. If you have a problem with metal that feels cold and void of emotions you should stay away from this. This is for those that feel that that the industrial society has gone one step beyond and turned us all into non-thinking individuals. I like the feel that Fear Factory manage to create on their albums and I like the atmosphere that THE SILVERBACK manage to create on this album. That they have the image to match is a bonus. Anders Ekdahl

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