THE SLEEPER “Apparatus”

(ASTAT Entertainment)

Battle Helm Rating

I sometime feel like an old bearded dude when I stumble upon something that is described as modern metal. It is like my brain freezes at the wonder of “modern” metal. And it is not because I am close minded or anything. Mostly it is because I just sit there and don’t understand a shit. It is not that bad with German THE SLEEPER. This is musically really good. I just don’t understand the screamy hardcorish vocals. They don’t really bring forth the music the way I would have liked them to do. But at least we don’t get that whole dual vocal thing. Oh no, there they came. Well, I just have to bite my cheek really hard and harden out. Musically this is really good. Vocally, well I can live with it even though I’d rather see a charismatic vocal delivery. Anders Ekdahl

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