THE SPACE OCTOPUS “Tomorrow We’ll Be Gone”

“Tomorrow We’ll Be Gone”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Here is yet another band that I am totally in the black about. It fascinates me that there are so many bands out there that I have no bloody clue about. But it also stresses me out a bit because there is not enough time to check them all out. And since I have a hard time to stick to just one genre, or even sub-genre time is even scarcer. This progressive rock/metal band is nothing I have heard of before. But I gotta say that I like what I hear. Not as twiddly diddly as I thought it might be this is a really nice one. With a rather straight approach to song writing this band really impresses me with this album. There are still progressive tendencies but they does not dribble me of the court. This one turned out to be a really cool one. Anders Ekdahl

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