The Spirit – “Sounds From The Vortex”

The Spirit – “Sounds From The Vortex” (Nuclear Blast) 

Battle Helm Rating

Screaming black / death from the fiery pits of Saarbrücken! If you worship at the altar of the (still) mighty Dissection or successor bands like Thulcandra, then this excellent debut is no doubt one for you. Formed in 2015, this is apparently a new band, although it’s pretty clear from the top grade musicianship on show here that these guys rank in the same league as their  esteemed aforementioned ancestors. From raw, throat rasping drawls to blast beating and savage, sabre slashing riffs it’s actually the rich melodies and absolutely tons of dexterous twin guitar work that weave, soar and rage at all the right moments to really make “Sounds From The Vortex” an emotive experience through its evoking atmosphere on the 7 epic compositions delivered by sterling musicianship throughout. Exploding forth on ‘Cosmic Fear’ with the twin guitars launching their vicious yet suave attack, all the while with the rhythm raging in the background, the song’s furore is tempered somewhat as the dark vocals tell the ominous tale with the guitars thundering like a maelstrom while dropping those melodies to keep the tumultuous momentum going throughout. On ‘Illuminate The Night Sky’ the propelling double bass drums fuel the tornado with the guitars adding more anger but equally plenty of malevolent melodies that together create a nice rhythmic beat. Halfway through there is an ambient interlude with delicate guitars before they fire up once again, this time alternating with the drums in the mix to become more prominent towards the climatic ending. Opening slowly on ‘The Great Morality’, the intensity soon crashes in as the blasting jostles with massive clanging melodies while the drums and vocals fight for their place (and miraculously fit) before a strong Nordic melody brings an overwhelming epic vibe to this incredible track – no wonder these guys are called The Spirit! Clearly a band that want to serve it up to you over and over again with lashings on the side, “Sounds From The Vortex” is indeed an experience you cannot ignore.

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