I gotta say I almost deleted the file I had on this British band simply because I couldn’t remember what it was. I am glad that I didn’t. The Sun Explodes moves in the outer circles of what could be considered hardrock. With one foot in Radiohead land and with toes spread out all over the remaining areas this album has an eclectic feel to it. Does being eclectic make it any better? I’m not but it sure does give it an edge that other albums don’t have. That they can move smoothly between hardrock, Radiohead and metalcore might at first give you a schizophrenic feel but once accustomed to it you will notice that it isn’t as bad as it could have been. It’s kinda like had Living Color been around today they might have sounded like this. Maybe not my first choice of the day but in the right mood this is enjoyable for all the right reasons. Anders Ekdahl

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