20151202_213924THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT live @ The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden 151202
I don’t know how the hell we here at BATTLE HELM could have missed out on THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT. Being signed to Earache should have given us the indicator that this is gonna be as great as great can be. Listening to their albums you get a slightly conformist feel, a tad too polished but seeing them live is like an awakening. Almost as a revelation. With a front man that makes a young Mick Jagger seem tame you just know that this is gonna be a fun night. You just stand there grinning like a fool watching him for an entire gig. The drummer stood up at one point and it was like, shit was there a drummer too. You just got eyes for the front man. And with a sound that is equally old Whitesnake and it is a young Rolling Stones mixed with the Black Crows you just succumb to the greatness that is THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT. You don’t have to know the songs beforehand. You just gotta get your ass to a gig and the band takes care of the rest. This rocked in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time. So bloody great that it was a shame that it had to end. Anders Ekdahl

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