The Terraces – “The Terraces”

The Terraces – “The Terraces” (Blast Records)

This one takes us all the way to 1979 when punk was roaring and the football terraces were raging! Featuring old punk Gary Buckley who was in One Way System, The Terraces are an Anglo Aussie band currently stomping the streets of Melbourne – but not for long I suspect given their fiery n catchy brand of modern punk. Mixing the raw streets-of-London vocals of The Clash with the passionate guitar melodies of The Dropkick Murphys and the singalong addiction of Rancid, songs like ‘Short Back And Sides’, ‘Care About Nothing’ and ‘The Internationals’ bring both old and new punk together on these racy, boppy songs that will ‘ave grandad pogo-ing in fits of fuck off attitude!

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