THE THIRD GRADE “Of Fire And Ashes – Pt II”

“Of Fire And Ashes – Pt II”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Yet another progressive metal album for me to set my teeth into. Hopefully it won’t get too complicated so that I can follow the music. And if it does get too complicated, I still hope that I can enjoy what I hear. This is an album that I find highly entertaining. In the same sorta way that an Opeth album is entertaining. You don’t know where it’ll take you because it isn’t predictable. You just gotta go with the flow and allow the music to guide you. Once you let the music do that you’re in for a journey. As with most progressive music the journey will take you up on high mountains and down into deep valleys. And when done well you feel like you have been taken on the greatest journey of all time. After having enjoyed the ride THE THIRD GRADE provided me with I am more than satisfied. Anders Ekdahl

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