Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know if Transylvanian is a stamp of approval or just a massive burden to carry but apparently THE THIRTEENTH SUN are “Transilvanian Progressive Metal Argonauts”. Whatever the hell that means. If you think progressive metal like Dream Theater you better think again because this is progressive on a whole different level. I am a fan of the 80s progressive rock/metal scene but I do have issues with the kind of “open and free” sounding music that you’ll sometimes find in progressive. It could be that my attention span isn’t great enough to fully take in that sound. But thankfully this does get moving after a rather weak opening track. And once they get going this becomes really good. It is like a mix of Arcturus and Opeth. There is also a Pink Floyd-ian element to this that brings in that open feeling I have issues with. But this is good enough for me to overlook these parts. Anders Ekdahl

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