”The Eagle”
Will this be down’n’dirty rock’n’metal? I have no idea what this will bring to my ears. All I can hope for is that it won’t be a total drag. I need some really cool groovy metal any day of the week. It feels nice to just dig away to some really cool music every now and then. Well, there is a groove to this that makes me think of Sweden’s Mustasch or any Swedish hardrock-ish band that has come onto the scene in the last decade or so. Don’t know where this lot originates from but that isn’t really important. THE UNCLEAN could give Backyard Babies or Hardcore Superstars a run for their money. I’m not too into this kind of hardrock, or to be more precise; I don’t get to hear too much of this stuff to really be down with it bit when it do come my way I often find myself liking it. So too with THE UNCLEAN. Anders Ekdahl

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