The Unguided – “Fragile Immortality”

the unguided

The Unguided – “Fragile Immortality” (Napalm Records)

Well, if you liked Sonic Syndicate then you’ll love this! But that’s hardly a surprise as it contains no less than half that bands line up in the form of founding brothers Richard & Roger Sjunnessonon (harsh vocals & guitars / keys respectively), as well as remaining (clean) vocalist Roland Johansson ha ha!! On the face of it, there really isn’t much of a difference between the sound of the two bands i.e. that of mixing melodic death a la In Flames with US metalcore outfits like Killswitch Engage so many have been wondering as to why it has happened? Richard Sjunnessonon has recently stated that the concept behind The Unguided actually goes back to 2008 and has long been bubbling away until his decision to finally split from Sonic Syndicate at the end of 2010. Mixing aggro with clean vocals overlayed by more vocal harmonies, songs like ‘Carnal Genesis’, ‘Singularity’ and ‘Blodbad’ are driven by a hard rhythm and brought together by the guitars and keyboards themselves blending brutality with incredibly catchy melodies that at times even touch the pop spectrum. I guess if I had to chose then I would say The Unguided is the more metal of the two bands, but there ain’t a whole lotta difference between them. Either way fans of either outfit should be in for a double treat.

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