THE VEIN “Scouring The Wreckage Of Time”

“Scouring The Wreckage Of Time”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
It is nice to see that the doom metal scene is still alive and healthy. I have a special place for doom in my heart. I used to paint everything black. I used to see the world through a pair of dystrophic glasses. And one of the things that could get me in a good mood was an album full of melancholic metal. I still love really gloomy doom metal even though I don’t paint the world in as dark a shade as I used to. THE VEIN are as heavy as it gets. This is to me what funeral doom is really about to me. Slow, heavy and letting you know the burden of being buried six feet under. There is no future, tomorrow doesn’t exist, yesterday was a burden unloaded and life as you knew it is no more. Everything is black or white. All colours in between have been eradicated. Anders Ekdahl

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