The Very End – “Turn Off The World”

The Very End – “Turn Off The World” (Steamhammer / SPV)

The Very End are a modern thrash metal band hailing from Germany, and in particular the city of Essen, famed for spawning the likes of Kreator and Sodom no less. However, despite having a thrash base very much like Petrozza et al, there’s also a strong melodic element to the band indicating a desire to be open to other influences – as such, I’d therefore also include comparisons to the likes of Arch Enemy and Nevermore. Flowing guitars amidst chopping riffs and soulful vox amidst a more traditional gruff style define strongly structured songs like ‘Maelstrom Calling’, ‘Orphans Of Emptiness’ and ‘The Black Fix’ – the latter featuring Entombed’s LG Petrov on guest vocals. With famed producer Waldemar Sorychta completing the circle of talent “Turn Off The World” is a fine example of contemporary / post thrash to finish off the year in fine style!

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