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There are never any excuses for subject over matter, for image to take precedent over music, be it Rock Bitch’s liberal sex ideology, Gwar’s invasion from outer space or The Way Of Purity’s animal liberation fighters/terrorists. If that is the case then they might as well give up music all together and concentrate on the other stuff. If you hype something enough people will eventually take notice, no matter how good or bad it is. I kinda liked TWOP last album “Metalcore” even though it sounded like any other melodeath/metalcore album I’d heard up to that date. This time they have to take it one step further for me to take any sort of interest in the band. If I thought that TWOP came up rather light last time it feels like they’ve step up their game this time. That said I can’t shake the Arch Enemy feeling I got the first time around, and not because the vocalist is a woman. This was the move in the right direction I wanted to see from the band. This was as good as I expected TWOP to be. Anders Ekdahl

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