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I’ve never been much for Led Zeppelin. When I got into hardrock/metal Led Zeppelin released their last album ever. Although I’ve always been told how great they are I’ve never bothered to checked them out thoroughly. I’ve heard this or that song by them but not enough to fully understand them. So whenever a band comes along using Led Zeppelin as a reference point it doesn’t do anything for me. The Wheel’s record label might think that they are the missing link to Led Zeppelin. I’m fine with that. I can take it. Classic blues-based hardrock is no worries for me. I like Whitesnake and many of the British hardrock bands that came out in the 70s. That the first I came to think of was bluesier Soundgarden kinda surprised me but then again maybe not. Soundgarden was pretty classic rock in their own right. I like the vibe The Wheel create. It’s nice to hear some really vocal based hardrock for a change. It’s like honey for my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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