Battle Helm Rating

I know that this album has been out a while now but I haven’t gotten round to listen to it until now. THEATRES DES VAMPIRES is one of these bands that have come a long way since that very first album. They might have started out as one thing but now they are one of the best revered gothic metal bands in Europe. A very theatrical band to who image is just as important as the music. We need those kinds of bands in an ever so conformist music scene. Bands that stand out and aren’t afraid to do so. Why I haven’t paid attention to this album before I have no idea because this is the kind of gothic metal that I like so very much. This is the kind of stuff that gets my heart pumping and even adding a beat or two. To say that this is a Sisters Of Mercy gone metal is only partial the truth. But it is there that you find the vibe. The desolate, dark and almost bloodless feeling of despair. But in all that darkness there is a thin line of hope. This is an album way too good to miss out on. Anders Ekdahl

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