THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011”

“Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011”
(Dreamcell 11)
I don’t mind admitting that I rather look at a beautiful woman than a hairy dude on the front cover of my favourite magazine but still I can’t help wonder if we haven’t come further than being amazed by finding a girl in a band. Women make up half the population, if not more, on this Earth. Theatres des Vampires have a woman in their line-up and whenever I’ve seen an interview with them it is her that the focus is on. I’ve read the interviews but I have never ever heard an album by them, let alone a single song. I don’t know if it such a great start to begin with a live album but this is my first real encounter with Theatres des Vampires. We do get treated to three (as part of an EP for a movie) new studio tracks on this, which basically is a DVD release. OK, so there is a very symphonic feel to the whole TDV approach that I can appreciate. I can even appreciate the whole vampire aesthetic. As an introduction this works for me but to fully get a comprehensive idea I need to hear some studio albums too. Anders Ekdahl

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